Traditionally most people wishing to undertake alterations or extensions to their house will engage an architect to assist them.  Bird Charles Surveyors Ltd are proud to offer a comprehensive design service to help you achieve your aspirations for your home.  With our in-depth knowledge of structures and creative approach we will develop a scheme that enhances your home whilst keeping within your budget. 


We will take you through every stage of the design process from your initial ideas through to a developed scheme. 


Where possible we will design the scheme to meet permitted development rights; removing the risks associated with planning applications. Where planning approval is required; we will ensure the scheme meets national and local requirements, giving the scheme has the best chance of approval. For more complex schemes or buildings, we will liaise with the local planning department to obtain pre-application planning advice on your behalf.


Proposed alterations generally require Building Regulation approval which deals with the method in which alterations are undertaken. Building Regulations are quite complex and many architects do not provide this crucial service.  Our design team will develop drawings with sufficient construction notes and details to meet all building control requirements and these will be submitted for approval before you commence your building works.


Prior to seeking quotations for the works, we recommend that we produce a scope of works. This identifies the various works that need to be undertaken as individual elements. Builders pricing the works can then price by the item allowing for a straightforward comparison. Additionally, should works later be omitted, altered or added, the schedule can be referred to, in order to quantify the variation.


By providing planning and building control services and a scope of works, you can be sure of continuity through the design stage and seek comfort that all necessary consents will be obtained on your behalf before your project begins.

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