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Bird Charles Surveyors Ltd Registered in England No: 8706750

Effective management, based on years of construction experience, is a key factor in ensuring a successful project.  We have extensive experience in project managing all types of building work from small residential alterations and extensions, to large scale commercial and educational refurbishments and new builds.  


The role of a project manager is to provide the critical coordination between client and contractor and other interested parties including architects, engineers and other professionals.  Project managers will ensure all parties provide and distribute relevant information in good time to ensure the build programme is maintained.  All too often, poor coordination and communication lead to avoidable delays to contracts that can be costly for the client.  Ideally, a project manager should be engaged at the beginning of a project to assist in outlining an achievable programme and to ensure the client appoints all the relevant professionals in good time.  Where necessary we can also provide a detailed specification and scope of works for your project to ensure you can obtain comparable competitive fixed price tenders.


As project managers we also regularly act as the contract administrator, arranging the tendering process and appointining the contractor on behalf of the client as well as preparing all necessary contract documentation for signature by the parties.  We also cost and measure the works to certify payments during the development and agree variations with the contractor where appropriate.  A full snagging of the works is undertaken at the end of the project, and a further inspection is performed at the end of the defects period to pick up any defects for which the contractor will be responsible for rectifying.


Where design and build contracts are put in place, typically for large projects, we can act as the client's agent, assisting in the drafting of the employers requirements and coordination of supporting documents.  We will be actively involved in the procurement and vetting of the contractor and their subsequent appointment under contract. We can also agree and certify phased payments and any variations to the scope of the works on your behalf,  The client's agent role is of great importance, particularly for high value works where clients may have little knowledge or understanding of buildings and construction.


If you are considering an extension or alteration, or you have already obtained all necessary approvals for your works and are ready to obtain quotes from builders, please contact us to see how we can help you take your proposals forward to ensure a successful project.